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Fresh&MoreCompany draws attention of its customers to a wide range of agricultural products for wholesale. We carry out direct delivery of nuts, legumes, dried fruits, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables to customers in CIS countries and Europe, meeting the needs of customers in product quality.

Fresh&More: wholesale of legumes, nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices!

In an effort to build the cooperation that is most productive for you, we’ve developed a flexible pricing policy. Here you can buy the best agricultural products in the desired quantities at affordable prices. The company has a rich assortment of products of the first, the second and higher grades:

  •  nuts (shelled and unshelled roasted peanuts, peanuts in shell, walnuts in shell and shelled almonds, sesame seeds);
  •  legumes (white beans, Red beans, haricot beans and chocolate beans, mung beans, chickpeas);
  •  dried fruits (dried apricot and melon, golden raisins, red raisins and black raisins without seeds and peduncles, dried pitted plums, five and seven component compote mix of dried fruits);
  •  dried vegetables;
  •  dried greens (dill, basil, parsley);
  •  fresh fruits and vegetables.

All products offered for sale are subject to strict quality control, so that the buyer gets high quality products only.


Our Purposes and Objectives

Having set a goal to strengthen trade and economic ties between Central Asian countries, CIS and the West, we realize this goal with greater responsibility. Combining the existing experience with new knowledge in the field of processing of agricultural products, introducing new equipment and using professional logistics solutions, the company successfully solves tasks it faces.

We look forward to long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. We guarantee an individual approach in implementing the orders by organizing multipurpose supply of necessary goods in short time.

Cooperation with MegaNuts: We are always happy to help you!

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